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Coming Soon: Scaling Truth?

If Nassim Nicholas Taleb is right (which he almost always isn’t), and truth is artisanal, then we are fucking toast! Disinformation is already automated, right?! Thank Christ, this may be another example of Taleb saying something that sounds superficially appealing but which might not hold up under proper scrutiny. Disinformation and truth are both emergent…

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Why is the NBN failing?

If you care about decent internet, and wonder why Australia still doesn’t have it (we’re behind Kazakhstan), this video is a must-watch. Businessman turned political commentator, Kim Wingerei, founder of The Independents, speaks to former NBNCo CTO, Gary McLaren, about what’s gone wrong with the infrastructure that’s critical to functioning in the 21st century. Also…

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Startr Upr Podcast 1 – the lie that tech is killing democracy Is tech killing democracy? No. There. We saved you having to listen to this goddamn podcast. Of course, if you’re after trenchant, evidence based critiques of the critiques of the critiques of the critiques (you get the picture) with the mandatory foul language, go ahead and listen. We won’t tell…

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